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“A Common Word Between Us & You” and What It Means for Christian Muslim Relations

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    Join us as we examine A Common Word Between Us and You, a document written by 138 Muslim scholars from around the world highlighting the common ground between Islam and Christianity based on Islamic teachings. This document will be explored alongside Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You, a document signed by over 300 Christian scholars as a way of endorsing continued interaction between the two faith communities. Scholars from both the Islamic and Christian traditions will explore the passages from each religion’s sacred texts that are referenced in the documents to help shed light on how each tradition views interreligious engagement.
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    University Campus
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    29 Apr 2012 to 29 Apr 2012
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    {14:00 to 17:00}
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    Harper Center Ballroom at Creighton University 590 North 20th Street Omaha, Nebraska, 68102
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